"finger catfish@silcon.com", on a unix box, use to show you my .plan file.  Since fingering is no longer allowed, I had to create this web page so the one True Plan™, that could save the world, can still be propagated to the far reaches of the universe.

Login: catfish                                             Name: Mike Chaplin
Directory: /u1/catfish                              Shell: /usr/local/bin/ksh
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                  O K,   H E R E   I S   T H E   P L A N . . .
We assemble out of view of the main entrance gate at 12 midnight,
  Get naked and pour chocolate syrup all over our bodies (save some for later),
    Lick the chocolate syrup off of everything in sight!
      Wrap yourself totally in toilet paper before you are dry,
        Run to the gate screaming like BANSHEES!
          When the guard is too busy laughing to pull his gun,
            We Shout "BADGES ? We don't need no Stink'n Badges",
              We grab the guard and take his clothes off,
                Pour remaining chocolate syrup on the guard,
                  Sprinkle guard with cookie decorations,
                    Howl at the moon (best werewolf imitation), &
                      Get the Hell out of Dodge ...
                        (Repeat at every full moon)

Seriously though, don't try this at home kids, we are professionals ...

Mike Chaplin        | VTR1000F, CX650T, XR650L, TL364
catfish@silcon.com  | DoD, MSMC, Northstars
                    | "If you can't run with the big dogs ..."