Hiking Lime Ridge

Concord & Walnut Creek, California

Hi, my name is Kate and I'm three years old.
Dad tells everyone I'm a Blonde Retriever, but mom says I'm her Golden Girl!
We go hiking most mornings on Lime Ridge.  Its the BEST!!!

Max is my 12-year-old buddy.  He's got arthritis, so he can't chase me like he used to, but he really likes hiking too.
He's losing his voice, but I have a GREAT bark now and I'm not afraid to use it.  Just ask the neighbors!

This is the tallest hill (+400 feet above our street) in the Lime Ridge Open Space.
We hike to the top of this and all of the hills in a big loop.
That is a friend & her mom near the lower left fire road.

The tallest hill is on the left, the rocky hill on the right is nearly as tall, and the old quarry
is cut into the hill in the foreground.

Hmmm... what's that on the tree trunk at the bottom of the ravine?

Flowers in spring

Many beautiful oak trees...

Interesting weed.  Looks DANGEROUS!

Wow!  Look at the new rock Maze at the Quarry!

Lime Ridge is crawling with CRITTERS!  And where there are critters, these is critter POO!  My FAVORITE!!!
I pulled one of these rascals out of his hole one morning by just the tip of his tail.  Man, that chipmunk was EXCITED!
I thrashed him around a bit, but dad made me drop it.  I was SO EXCITED, that I chased a cow a few minutes
later and got in trouble with the ranger.  STUPID cow!  Dad says I'm the Great Blonde Hunter!

Lots of BIG birds ...

Raptors of Lime Ridge

Did I mention that I like to play in the ponds with the duckies?

When dad and the coyotes start HOWLING at each other, Max and I get REALLY scared...

The view from the 1st bench on the Lime Ridge Trail (single track) in the Lime Ridge Wildlife Preserve.
The hills of the Lime Ridge Open Space are across Ygnacio Valley Road in the distance.

Panorama view from near the top of the Lime Ridge Trail

Another Panorama taken on March 13, 2007.


2005 - 2007 Mike Chaplin <catfish at endorphin-express dot com>
Photos & videos taken with a Canon S2 IS