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I'm a member of the Chaplin family of south-central Illinois and the Parker family of southwest Oklahoma & north-central Texas.  I've put most of the Parker-family information I acquired a few years ago into the Win95 application Family Tree Maker version 3.4.   A Zipped version of the Parker.FTW file can be found here.

Graduated from Brookhaven High School (Brookhaven, Mississippi) in 1972.

Graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology (Dallas, TX) in 1977 with a BSEET.

I met my (then future) wife during the summer between my junior & senior years in high school. I proceeded to fall madly in lust with her. She lived over 700 miles away though, so we wrote occasionally. :-( We stumbled across each other again 5 years later. Actually, I kidnapped her from the Univ. of Illinois and held her captive in Texas til she agreed to move to California. She doesn't share my enthusiasm for the more exciting things in life, well ... except one maybe ;-). Between motion sickness, helmet hair, a sore butt, and whining "I'm cold!"; you'd think she enjoyed motorcycles as much as me. Hmmm, go figure ...

And speaking of camping . . . her idea of roughing it in the wilderness would be a 36 ft. motorhome! Well, I guess I should give her credit for the one camping trip she did with me; her only 2 nights in a tent in her entire life. Didn't care much for the "get nekid in the creek for a bath" idea neither. First bath I ever saw her turn down.

Yeah, I give her a hard time about us being such "opposites"; but I have two great, insatiable passions in my life, and she is number one.

Our son Chris was born in 1986.  He graduates from UC-Berkeley with a BS in Mech. Engr. in the spring 2009.

New Kitchen Photos are Here! 
Christmas 2002 Pictures at Mom's! 
Christmas 2003 Pictures at Shad & Ginger's! 
Christmas 2007 Pictures at home

I'm a Deadhead . . . a Foghead . . . a Parrothead . . . Actually I like most varieties of music, except the old nasal-twanging country & the modern rap crap.

Our dogs are here.

Catfish is a nickname I have acquired from the S.F. Northstars because of my fondness of eating it at dinner every chance I get. Sure they're bottom feeders, just like those other nasty scum-suckers; lobsters & abalone. Besides, some bottoms are nice to feed on ... ;-)

When all else fails, try the plan.

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