The Coyotes of Lime Ridge

Meet Mrs. & Mr. Floppie-Eared Coyote
Mrs. Floppie has big beautiful ears and is yawning.
Mr. Floppie is displaying his name-sake ears.
They are the local coyote puppy mill on Lime Ridge.

Mrs. Floppie was inquisitive this morning, but didn't venture any closer than this.
Its very rare to see her.  We'll see Floppie 10 times for every time we see her.

A very-pregnant Mrs. Floppie on the hill and a young eagle in the tree, both keeping a watchful eye on us as we get closer for another picture.

Floppie climbed on the rock where dad was just sitting a few moments before.
Later, we discovered this location is about 100 feet from their den!

A skinny teenager "Junior'06" who was out hunting with Daddy Floppie one morning, August 2006

Floppie was lying in the grass this morning as we approached.  He watched us walk around him and
continue up the ravine, without a sound or other reaction from him at all.  Amazing!

This is the usual view of Floppie; showing his very-long canines and the raised hair on his back.
We are encroaching on HIS territory and he is NOT pleased!

Occasionally, when we stop at the quarry for a mid-hike break, Floppie can be seen watching us from the cliff above.
When we leave the quarry, he usually tries to sneak up behind us.  Dad throws rocks at Floppie to chase him away.
Sometimes he follows us a long time!

I whimper to dad and hide behind him when Floppie looks at me like this.
Floppie likes to sneak up behind dogs and SCARE them into leaving the area.
If they run, he will chase & nip at their backsides.
If they try to fight, Floppie always wins and the loser usually ends up at the vet for stitches.

Then there are the days when Floppie looks like he's going to stroll over & sit beside me for a visit...
<shiver> I think he just wants some BLONDE PUPPIES!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Floppie had only one puppy in 2006.  Meet Junior'06!
Definitely inherited mom's big beautiful ears.

Very interesting markings in Junior'06's coat

Junior'06 - OOPS, they saw me!  Time to GO!
Junior may be female or just different.  He/she is much more cautious (like mom)
around visiting dogs than Floppie or either of the 2005 pups were.
Those three REALLY liked this Blonde who came calling early every morning.

A short movie of Junior'06 moving further away while daddy Floppie showed Junior
the proper response to a human howling at him.