The Endorphin Express Lives Again!!!
Honda CX650Turbo Update!

In January 2004, I advertised the turbo FOR SALE on the Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association's Web Page.  It was in poor condition & I knew I'd never rebuild it again.  I was contacted by a few folks, but none seem interested in the whole bike.  Most just wanted parts.  I also received an email message from a Ludovidicus Rutten in Belgium who was interested in the whole bike & who hoped it would be restorable.  He sent me pictures of the 500 & 650 Turbos that he'd already restored.  Ludo not only seemed to have a passion for the Turbos, but also the means to actually restore it again.

We emailed each other several times in early 2004 and arrived at an agreeable price.  He had a friend who imported used cars from the USA into Belgium for re-sale and he would be in Los Angeles buying cars in the spring.  This person also had a friend in the Bay Area who could get the Turbo & take it to L.A.

So, in early April I received a check from Ludo for the purchase price & I deposit it in the bank.  It clears just fine!  3 weeks later, the friend of a friend called & got directions to my house.  He showed up the next day & we loaded the Turbo & many boxes of spare parts into his truck.  I signed over the title & wrote a bill of sale to Ludo, and the stranger carried everything away ...

a couple of months go by ...

Then I get an email from Ludo in August where he tells me of his restoration efforts & that its back together & he's breaking-in the rebuilt motor!  He even sent me pictures <below> of the Endorphin Express (EE) with his previously-rebuilt CX650T that he rides!

My 650 many years before the sale, when it still looked good, but had the failed motor.

In the foreground. Now with (Euro) gold-colored fork legs & wheels!

I don't recall this top box being available in the U.S.

The well trimmed front fender no longer shows the chew marks of my golden retriever!

My old MSMC84 license plate in still on it!

The Endorphin Express is the one on the right with the top box that has the new wrap-around red

The EE is on the left, with the forward "Turbo". The Euro model on the right has the reversed red "OBRUT".

Euro on the left, the EE on the right.


Thank you Ludo for bringing my old friend back to life!  I hope someday to see & maybe ride her again.

Catfish ...



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