Custom VTR Mirror Extensions

The OEM mirror design for the VTR is a joke.  You can see the bugs that accumulate on your mid-arm & elbows, and what's going on in the adjacent lanes; but absolutely nothing directly behind you.  They're at the same elevation as your elbows, the widest points to see around the rider in the normal sportbike seating position.

There is a commercial mirror extension available from GenMar, but I didn't like its design or the way they look.  I approached my friendly, neighborhood machine shop & asked about a design I was thinking of; machined aluminum billet.  I wanted a real metal ~2 inch extension that would bolt to the mirror bracket where the original stem normally attaches, and then the stem would bolt to the extension.  The design & dimensions of the stem's bolted end were duplicated on one end of the extension & a mating design with a threaded hole at the other.  After they were machined, I painted 'em black & bolted the extension & the mirror stem together with a star-type locking washer & used loctite on the bolt threads.  The mirrors will still pivot like the OEMs via the mounting bracket under the rubber boot.  As with any extension, the increased leverage that occurs when you move the mirror mass further from the attachment point at the fairing subframe causes the apparent mirror vibration to increase slightly.  On my SuperHawk, its only noticeable at certain rpms when accompanied with large amounts of counter-clockwise motion of the right wrist.  The rear view is dramatically improved.

mirror-ext1.jpg (28002 bytes)

Here's what the extensions look like after painting.  The two are identical, but in the picture above, one is flipped vertically with respect to the other to show the hidden side.

mirror-ext2.jpg (9738 bytes)

Here's what the assembly looks like in place

Print this web page & take it with one of your mirror assemblies to any competent machine shop in your area and they should be able to duplicate these extensions.  Then you take 'em home & paint 'em.

For more info about any other VTR mods, goto Zik's VTR page; <http//> and search the SuperHawk mailing list archives (at the bottom of that long page) for whatever subject you wish.



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